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Modified clay material is an amalgamation of clay and sands through an unfired patent manufacturing technology.

PHOMI's products are modified soil made through a technology breakthrough with the base materials being constituted and bonded together by using only low heat temperature in its manufacturing process.

The clay is constituted with recycled materials to reduce carbon footprint, thus making it the closet pure form with the nature

Patented Exterior Grade Cladding Technology

Environment Friendly


2.5 mm Thin

Light Weight

High Impact Resistant

Fire Retardant

Water Resistant



MCMFLEXI CLADDING India is a privately held company with its headquarters in MUMBAI India along with a Strong Presence across the Nation with exclusive product display Centers. MCMFLEXI Cladding proudly boasts of a patented revolutionary Cladding Technology offering High quality and Sustainable cladding products for both internal & external space.

MCMFLEXI offers most varied collection of Natural, Durable & Aesthetically designed materials holding a wide Range which encompasses MCM STONE, MCM WOOD, MCM BRICK and MCM LEATHER. Best suited for External cladding, Interiors; Comprising of ceiling, flooring & furniture covering and also for grand landscaping. MCMFLEXI Products are suitable for your complete architectural needs.

The product offering is thoughtfully invented keeping in mind today's need for lightweight and fast-track construction needs as these Materials are easy to install and bring natural textures to all kinds of Building structures.

We at MCM India are committed to care for our planet thereby creating a better life and a better world to live in.


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